Text of the Motion
That, given that,(i) the Auditor General's ArriveCAN audit determined that the app cost taxpayers at least $60-million, but concluded it is "impossible to determine the actual cost of the application",(ii) the Procurement Ombud found that in 76% of ArriveCAN contracts, some or all of the contractors' proposed resources, such as subcontractors and employees, did not perform any work,(iii) GC Strategies, an IT company that does no actual IT work, was paid nearly $20-million in relation to the ArriveCAN app,the House:(a) call on the Prime Minister to table in the House of Commons, no later than Monday, March 18, 2024, a report which details the complete direct and associated costs concerning the ArriveCAN app incurred to date, including the total amounts paid to contractors and subcontractors, broken down by contractor or subcontractor, and the value of staff time represented by the salary, bonuses and other expenses paid to all public servants who worked on the app, in relation to all expenses respecting,(i) research and development of the app,(ii) management and storage of the data collected by the app,(iii) software development, testing and maintenance,(iv) training for government employees for using and troubleshooting the app,(v) call centres used for the app,(vi) ArriveCAN-related communications with travellers by e-mail or text message,(vii) market and opinion research,(viii) advertising,(ix) public relations,(x) merchandise, gifts and promotional material,(xi) processing of security clearances,(xii) travellers' expenses after being wrongfully directed by the ArriveCAN app to quarantine,(xiii) the services of legal counsel involved in contract negotiation, litigation arising from procurement or the use and implementation of the app, and the numerous investigations conducted related to the app,(xiv) any other costs related to the ArriveCAN app; and(b) call on the government to collect and recoup all funds paid to ArriveCAN contractors and subcontractors which did no work on the ArriveCAN app, within 100 days of this motion being adopted, and for the Prime Minister to table a report in the House demonstrating that taxpayer funds have been repaid.
Pierre Poilievre
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