Reducing home heating costs
Text of the Motion
That, given that,(i) 2023 saw a record fire season due to climate change, in which the area burned was double that of the historic record, and hundreds of thousands of Canadians were evacuated from their homes, (ii) Canadians continue to struggle with dramatic increases to the cost of living while Canada’s biggest corporations, including oil and gas corporations, post record profits,(iii) federal government programs aimed at supporting energy efficient retrofits such as heat pumps are hard to access, especially for low-income Canadians,(iv) effective climate action must also address the very real affordability concerns of ordinary Canadians,the House call on the government to:(a) remove the GST from all forms of home heating;(b) make eco-energy retrofits and heat pumps free and easy to access for low-income and middle-class Canadians, regardless of their initial home heating energy source; and (c) finance these changes by putting in place a tax on the excess profits of big oil and gas corporations.
Taylor Bachrach
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Decision Made (11/8/2023)