Carbon taxes
Text of the Motion
That, given that,(a) the Bloc Québécois supported the so-called "Clean Fuel Standard", a second national carbon tax, which will raise gas prices in Quebec by 17 cents per litre, according to the Parliamentary Budget Officer;(b) the Bloc Québécois said carbon taxes need to be "increased much more radically than it is now";(c) the New Democratic Party and Liberals supported measures to quadruple the carbon tax to 61 cents per litre; and(d) Atlantic Liberal members of Parliament allege they are not in favour of the carbon taxes but have supported carbon tax measures 23 times since 2015,the House call on the government to introduce legislation, within seven days of this motion being adopted, to repeal all carbon taxes to bring home lower prices on gas, groceries, and home heating.
Pierre Poilievre
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Decision Made (10/4/2023)